Project Management

Our Project Managers are seasoned professionals, most of who are certified Project Management Professionals and all with a history of successfully managing complex and diverse projects and delivering on time and within budget

Project Health Checks

Our health checks are conducted by seasoned and experienced Project Managers who are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) with 10 plus years of project management experience. Our consultants examine projects from the following viewpoints:

  • - Structure
  • - Scope
  • - Cost
  • - Time
  • - Quality
  • - Resources
  • - Communication
  • - Procurement
  • - Risks
  • - Contingency Planning
  • - Benefits
  • - Business Process
  • - Training
  • - Implementation
  • - Governance
  • - Roles and Responsibilities
  • - Documentation

Project Management Office (PMO)

Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) requires a well thought out strategy that combines highly developed project management expertise and discipline to enable the establishment of a PMO that incorporates best practices to ensure consistency on all projects. PMO's have become increasingly more popular as organizations attempt to streamline Projects and ensure close monitoring of the impact on other projects. Our PMP certified Project Managers have not only had first hand experience managing projects but they also have first hand experience structuring and developing PMO's.

Project Advisory Services

Organizations are under considerable pressure to make sure projects are completed within established timeframes and budgets and that they further the organization to meet its business objectives. Our experienced consultants can provide:

  • - Business Requirements Planning
  • - Advise on Portfolio Management
  • - Aligning Projects to Business Strategy
  • - Perform program management assessment
  • - Project Risk Assessment and Monitoring
  • - Advise on stakeholder involvement
  • - Advise on key vendor management and monitoring activities
  • - Provide an objective and independent view of your projects

Integrated Project Planning

Integrated Project Planning is an essential element when projects are interrelated or have dependencies amongst other projects. To ensure these relationships and dependencies are monitored, tracked, and understood a comprehensive project portfolio needs to be brought together. Only then can the true impact of decisions made about one project be measured for other interrelated projects in the portfolio. Decisions about delays or changes made around one project can have significant implications to other projects and these are highlighted with integrated project planning. Our project planning experience assists client with the project portfolio management, so they avoid surprises.

Project Risk Registry

The Project Risk Register is a tool used to assist in identifying sources of risk and the impact they may have on achieving the project outcome. Risk management is an integral part of good project and program management and an assessment of risk needs to be completed to ensure that target is achieved together with successful project implementation. A critical tool in any project management methodology is the risk registry. This is a means of recording the identified risks, their severity, and the actions steps that need to be taken to mitigate or reduce the impact of the risks.

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