Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts are seasoned professionals who have undergone the rigorous training and have earned their certification as a Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) obtained through the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), an international professional association serving the growing field of Business Analysis. Each of our consultants in this discipline have a history of successfully working on complex and diverse projects, including eliciting, analyzing, defining, and implementing business transformation projects. The goal of our Business Analysts is to design solutions that address the client's business needs.

The following are the six key knowledge areas that our Business Analysts subscribe to and are trained and certified in:

Enterprise Analysis

Business Analysis continues to evolve and mature as organizations recognize the need to develop strategic plans. Enterprise Analysis is widely recognized as a key knowledge area in the practice of business analysis. Enterprise Analysis incorporates the pre-project stage of planning and focuses on understanding the business needs of the organization, its strategic direction, and identifying tools and processes that will allow the organization to reach its goals and objectives. These are the strategic activities that form the program cycle involvement of the Business Analyst. Because of the experience and training of our consultants, they understand the interplay of the Enterprise Analysis components and variables, the importance of developing and maintaining solid business architecture, and are able to contribute significant insight into feasibility studies, business cases, and portfolio management.

Requirements Planning and Management

Project Planning and Management for the business analyst is associated with the planning and management of requirements. This phase involves planning the requirements development process, the resources, and estimating the work effort required to obtain the business and functional requirements. Proper planning of requirements gathering activities goes a long way to ensuring the success of the project and business analysis deliverables.

Requirements Elicitation

Requirements Elicitation is a key component to ensure the right information is obtained in order to complete the business analysis. Experienced analysts are familiar with the different means of eliciting, facilitation, and gathering information. Because our consultants all have a number of years experience with elicitation, they are quite comfortable knowing which method and tools to use to get the best results for the situation and audience.

Requirements Analysis and Documentation

This knowledge area is where the Business Analyst develops and specifies the requirements and develops a solution to a business problem, so that the project can design and implement it. Our Business Analysts understand the methods, tools and techniques that are used to structure the raw data collected during requirements gathering, identify gaps in the information and define the capabilities of the solution. This is a critical component of the analysis as the deliverables from this are used by the project team to develop time, resources, and budget estimates required to implement a solution that will fulfill the requirements.

Requirements Communication

This is an important and reiterative step that requires a Business Analysis who understands the importance of communicating the requirements back to a varied and diverse group of individuals. It is essential for these individuals to understand and concur that the requirements capture the needs of the organization's business objectives. Communications is not only intended for the Stakeholders but also for those responsible for the implementation of the project. An early understanding and buy-in will go a long way to ensure success of the project. Our Business Analysts understand the best forms of communication and are able to package it in a way that is not only meaningful and clear but also addresses the intended target audience.

Solution Assessment and Validation

It is essential that any proposed solutions achieve the desired outcomes and as our Business Analysts are involved in ensuring a solution that answers the business need and is implemented in manageable stages that pass through a quality management process. Given their involvement in the requirements to be implemented, they are nearly always the best individuals to develop test scenarios that ensure the requirements have been met. Once implemented our Analysts follow-up with our clients to ensure it met the business need.

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